Improve PTC Creo Productivity*

Integral Software Factory has developed a set of applications for PTC Creo, with the aim of simplifying and automating some of its most common functionalities, such as: assembling multiple models quickly and automatically, listing all the dimensions of your models or getting a complete control of the time spent on your projects, among many others.


They facilitate the work of those design and engineering teams that use PTC Creo, automating and simplifying some of its most common functionalities. 

creo-time-tracking_blancoWith IntegralSoft Time Tracking you will be able
to get a complete control of the time spent
to develop your projects in Creo. 

IntegralSoft Creo Utilities
Automating and simplifying the functionalities of PTC Creo

The applications available in the IntegralSoft Creo Utilities portfolio are:

  • Replace by Copy: It allows you to duplicate the model (part or assembly) and replace the original (in the model tree).
  • Assemble Many: It allows you to assemble multiple models at the same time.
  • Import Many: It allows you to import multiple neutral files at the same time.
  • Rename: It allows you to rename any model.
  • Export Step: It allows you to export STEP files with non-default CSYS.
  • Export Step Single File: It allows you to export, into a single file, STEP with non-default CSYS.
  • Control Plan: It allows you to list and enumerate all 2D dimensions.
  • Max Dims: It allows you to calculate the maximum dimensions of the model (x,y,z).

Replace by Copy
Quickly and easily create a copy of your models and replace them with the new ones

The IntegralSoft Creo Utilities Replace by Copy application allows you to create, easily and quickly, a copy of an existing standard template through the model tree, replacing the original one with this new copy.

Assemble Many
Assemble multiple models quickly and automatically

The IntegralSoft Creo Utilities Assemble Many application allows you to select and assemble multiple models at the same time automatically. This represents a significant time saving within the engineering and design department.

Import Many
Import multiple neutral files at once with just one click

IntegralSoft Creo Utilities Import Many allows you to select, open and import several neutral files (STEP, IGS, VDA, Parasolid, Catia Part, Catia Product, SW Part, SW Product, Inventor Part, Inventor Assem) to Creo format at the same time.

Rename any model effortlessly

Currently, to rename a model in Creo Parametric, it is necessary to activate the model and open the related drawings. In addition, if the design has a 3D model and a 2D model, the user has to rename both.

IntegralSoft Creo Utilities Rename application allows you to rename any model in the model tree effortlessly. It also allows you to rename the design contained in the working directory with the same name as the model.

Export Step
Export all models to multiple STEP files

Many customers want to export all models with the main assembly CSYS, as this allows them to automatically assemble them into a new assembly.

The IntegralSoft Creo Utilities Export Step application allows you to export an assembly or a part to multiple STEP files, with a custom coordinate system.

Export Step Single File
Export an assembly to a single STEP file

The Creo Utilities Export Step Single File application is similar to Export Step, with the key difference of exporting everything in the same file. One assembly, one file.

Control Plan
List all 2D dimensions of your models quickly and easily

IntegralSoft Creo Utilities Control Plan is designed to help identify, list and document all dimensions of a product in preparation for the production or quality control phase.

Control Plan allows the insertion of a note or symbol next to each dimension. The dimensions are presented in table format and additional configurations can be inserted and defined individually.

Max Dims
Calculate the maximum dimensions of your models in three axes

The IntegralSoft Creo Utilities Max Dims application allows you to automate the calculation of the maximum dimensions of your models in three axes (x, y, z).

The results/outputs can be presented independently in a specific parameter for each one (dim x, dim y, dim z).

IntegralSoft Creo Time Tracking
Get complete control over the time spent on your projects

When a user opens or creates a model in PTC Creo, the IntegralSoft Creo Time Tracking application will store in a 100% reliable database the time each user has spent on each project. This solution is available through a web interface and allows:

  • Consult the working time of a project, component or collaborator.
  • Insert manual time entries (a user can indicate the time spent on a project, beyond the development time in Creo).
  • Export data to Excel and CSV.
  • Filter by timeline.
  • Manage the functions available to each user.
  • Manage categories and projects.
  • Authenticate users.

*Check the technical requirements needed to use IntegralSoft Creo Apps

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