Licensing Basis

Scope of this annex 

This document sets out the licensing basis and restrictions for each of INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY’s Licensed Products. In most cases, this document is incorporated into the legal documents governing the Customer’s use of software licensed from INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY (collectively the “License Agreement”). In the event of inconsistency between this document and the INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY quote pursuant to which the Customer purchased the licenses (the “Quote”), the Quote shall govern. For example, this document may identify that a product is licensed in a particular way, but if the product name on the Quote specifies a different licensing basis, the Quote shall govern. INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY may update this document from time to time, but each purchase made by the Customer will be governed by the most current version of this document in effect at the time of the purchase.

Description Of Common Licensing Bases 

“Registered User” (RU): Registered User products may only be used by individual, named registered users on a password basis. The Customer may add and/or substitute from time to time new Registered Users as long as the aggregate number of Registered Users does not exceed at any point in time the number of licenses in effect at such time for that particular product and, provided further, that if a person who was previously a Registered User returns to Registered User status, a new license fee must be paid to INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY at INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY’s then current rates. Note that, whereas Concurrent User products can only be accessed by users located in the “Designated Country” as defined below (unless they are “Global” or “Restricted Global” licenses), this restriction does not apply to Registered User products. 

“Site License” (S): Products licensed on a “Site License” basis require a license for each Customer location at which such product will be used. 

“Demo and Test”: Products licensed on a “demo and test” or “non-production” basis (or similar designation), such Licensed Software may not be used in a production environment. 

License Restrictions Common To Multiple Products 

Subscriptions: A “Subscription” is a License type that includes a License for a term as specified in the product name, Quote, order agreement or other order documentation, and/or the invoice, and such License includes Support Services during such License Term at no additional fee. 

Third Party Terms: Various INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY products contain or consist of technology from third parties. See the Schedule of Third Party Terms annex for additional restrictions and terms that apply to such third party technology. 

Upgrades: For INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY software licensed as an upgrade from a previous version, the Customer must first be licensed for the software identified by INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY as eligible for the upgrade and Customer must be active on Support Services for such software at the time Customer purchases the relevant upgrade. After installing the upgrade, the software licensed as an upgrade replaces and/or supplements the product that formed the basis of the Customer’s eligibility for the upgrade and the Customer may no longer use the original software that formed the basis for the Customer’s upgrade eligibility. 

Interoperability Tools/Toolkits. INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY interoperability tools (e.g., application programming interfaces) are provided solely for purposes of enabling the Customer (itself or with the assistance of a third party) to cause the Licensed Products to interoperate with the Customer’s other computer systems and programs. Customer shall not distribute to any third party all or any part of any such interoperability tool or use such interoperability tools to develop an integration for distribution to third parties.

Batching. For license types based on numbers of users (e.g., Registered User), a License is required for each individual who accesses such Licensed Product or the functionality or data contained therein, whether directly or through a web portal or other mechanism for “batching” or otherwise achieving indirect access to the Licensed Product or such functionality or data. Generic or shared log-ins are not permitted. 

Geographical Restrictions On Installation And/Or Use Of INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY Products 

Restriction on Installation Location. All of INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY’s products are restricted such that they may only be installed in the country of purchase (referred to in the License Agreement as the “Designated Country”). Where Customer desires to change the country of installation, Customer is required to notify INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY and, where the list prices for such licenses are higher in the proposed new country of installation, uplift fees are required based on the difference. 

Licensing Basis Tables

Licensed Product Name

Licensing Basis

All products Per Site, Annual Subscription license
Cad Bulk Migrator Per Site, Perpetual license

Schedule of Third Party Terms

All the components of third parties exposed below are used by the products of INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY, S.L. hereinafter ISF.


Applies to

Scope of this annex
Third Party Component Terms
Open source components: Apache 2.0 All ISF produts
Open source components: WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.6.0 All ISF produts
Open source components: XAMPP (included MariaDB + PHP + PERL) All ISF produts
Bundled Third Party Product Terms
Platform Products:Java Amazon Correto OpenJDK Various ISF produts

1. Scope of this annex

This document addresses terms and conditions applicable to Third Party Components and Bundled Third Party Products, as defined below. Generally, Third Party Components are software components that INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY includes in the Licensed Products, and Bundled Third Party Products are software components or items that INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY makes available as a convenience to Customer. In most cases, Customer would be able to obtain, or may have already obtained, licenses to Bundled Third Party Products directly from the vendor or licensor.

Third Party Components and Bundled Third Party Products are licensed directly from the vendor and are not covered by the INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY warranties, support services or indemnification provisions.

Customer consents to INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY’s providing information about Customer (including without limitation identity, address and number of licenses ordered) to third party software providers for purposes of verifying the royalties INTEGRAL SOFTWARE FACTORY pays to the providers. 

2. Third Party Component Terms Third

Party Components may not be used apart from the Licensed Products of which they are components. 

2.1. Open Source Components 

Open source software is included in the Licensed Products, such open source software will be identified in the notices accompanying the Licensed en los avisos que acompañan a los Productos con Licencia.

The warranty and support services provided in the License Agreement apply to open source software and are provided by ISF only, not by the original licensor. It is provided “as is” by the original licensor of the open source software, with no liability to Customer. Nothing in Customer’s agreement with ISF limits Customer’s right to copy, modify, and distribute such open source software, to the extent permitted by the applicable open source license, nor does it grant Customer rights to substitute the terms of an any open source license. With respect to open source software released under the Apache version 2.0 software license, Customer may modify such open source software for Customer’s own use only and may isolate components of the Licensed Products that communicate directly with the software. Open source licensed Apache version 2.0 software only for, and to the limited extent necessary to debug, such modifications. ISF Support Services obligations, if any, will only apply to Licensed Products that have not been modified. Contact to obtain a copy of any of the various license agreements that govern the open source components included in ISF products.

3. Bundled Third Party Product Terms

Certain third party products that are provided with the Licensed Products are provided under a separate license directly from the manufacturer of the applicable third party products (“Bundled Third Party Products”). Customer agrees and acknowledges that, to the extent that any such Bundled Third Party Products are provided with the Licensed Products: (i) such Bundled Third Party Products are provided on an “as-is”, pass-through basis, and as such are provided to Customer without warranty, indemnification, support or other representation by ISF; (ii) ISF bears no liability with respect to such Bundled Third Party Products and Support Services for such software will be provided at ISF’s discretion; and (iii) Customer may be required to purchase new versions of such Bundled Third Party Products as they become available and supported by their respective manufacturer.

Currently the following Bundled Third Party Products are provided by ISF  with certain of the Licensed Products as integrated components or as optional applications by separate purchase. New Releases of ISF Licensed Products may be accompanied by additional Bundled Third Party Products.

3.1. Java Amazon Correto OpenJDK platform products

ISF may distribute the Amazon Correto OpenJDK Java platform products with certain versions of ISF software products. These products are governed by the applicable license of The GNU General Public License (GPL), which can be accessed online at the Amazon Correto website. For additional information on which ISF products the Amazon Correto OpenJDK Java platform products may include .. ISF does not provide any support for the Amazon Correto OpenJDK platform products.

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