Integrate the different systems and work tools of your organization between them

Streamline and simplify communication processes between applications and gain complete vision and control of your organization thanks to IntegralSoft Connect

The ESB that integrates
all your systems and tools

When an organization needs to communicate various applications between them (CRM, ERP, PLM, …), the implementation of an ESB tool such as IntegralSoft Connect offers the company a highly productive and operational platform to integrate different systems.

Why choose IntegralSoft Connect?

The main benefits of IntegralSoft Connect are as follows:

Streamline and simplify communication processes between applications

IntegralSoft Connect streamlines and simplifies all communication processes between company applications. It does not matter if the IT structure of your organization is complex or if there are multiple applications that are asynchronous with each other.

In addition, the exchange of information is much greater when the different parts of the company are integrated, as well as its applications and IT structure.

Get complete insight and control of your organization

Currently, the Integration of Business Applications is one of the best ways to have control and make any company much more productive. The advancement of technologies is unstoppable, so a good Enterprise Service Bus will be essential in any company if you want to achieve a unified vision of the entire organization.

IntegralSoft Connect  allows you to have complete control of the organization. This is due to the fact that there is a better information management, since it gives an overview and makes possible, thanks to its different mechanisms, the total knowledge of what happens in it. Reduce costs and make your team work easier.

Increase your company’s productivity like never before

When a company has a disconnected IT structure, its productivity decreases and, therefore, it can suffer large losses. With the help of IntegralSoft Connect, your company’s production will be much higher and your decision-making capacity much more optimal.

In addition, with IntegralSoft Connect it is much easier to follow, analyze and understand how different business processes work and to control them. Thanks to the fact that the different analysis models that are provided help in the monitoring of each business operation.

Reduce costs and make your team’s work easier

The implementation of IntegralSoft Connect helps in reducing company costs. A clear example is in the integration of old software with new software, in which the elimination of the former would not be necessary and, in this way, the investment would be less.

Likewise, by concentrating all the business information thanks to the integration of the different applications, the work of any member of your team is simplified. This would translate into a reduction in the effort and time required to carry out their tasks and, therefore, in an increase in productivity.

Who needs IntegralSoft Connect?

Those companies that need to integrate two or more applications between them.

Those companies that have to support more than one data format or medium to communicate with other applications.

Those companies that use applications that work with multiple communication protocols.

Those companies that have to present their application in services or APIs that will be integrated in other applications.

Those companies that, in general, need to perform mediation, routing, enrichment services and the incorporation of security policies on web services or other artifacts.

General specifications:

  • Non-intrusive: IntegralSoft Connect  can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure and can use existing desktop systems without making any changes; and more importantly, without affecting your productivity.
  • Rapid deployment: IntegralSoft Connect is a solution that requires minimal installation and configuration time.
  • Flexible: IntegralSoft Connect allows different integration alternatives with ERP, MES, CPQ and CRM systems, through the use of its heterogeneous communication protocols and technologies.
  • Interoperability: IntegralSoft Connect covers the technical issues (software and communications) necessary to interconnect systems and services that are part of your solution, including key aspects such as interconnection services, data integration and middleware, data presentation and exchange, accessibility and services of security.
  • Message transformation: supports different information formats.
  • Load balancing: with the implementation of this capacity, the address of several servers on which a web service is deployed can be registered, in order to prevent failures in one of these, affecting its availability.
  • Sending email notifications: IntegralSoft Connect sends email messages to the system administrator when a failed communication occurs.
  • Monitoring: IntegralSoft Connect offers a console where you can manage the data to be synchronized between applications (Mapping) and the result of each transaction between systems, thus monitoring the flow of information.

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