Save costs and improve your service by selling your spare parts from a single platform

The spare parts portal developed by Integral Software Factory collects all parts and spare parts on the same platform accessible from anywhere and at any time

What does IntegralSoft Spare Portal do
and how can it help your company?

IntegralSoft Spare Portal is a spare parts portal that will allow you to reduce the time and costs of your service and, at the same time, increase revenues by increasing sales.

Your company will be able to keep catalogs always up to date and quickly identify spare parts. In addition, you will be able to receive orders automatically and overcome language barriers and time differences between countries.

Reduce time and costs
when selling your spare parts

Nowadays the demand for agility, flexibility, immediacy and quality by users is much higher. So companies must be as efficient as possible being available at any time and avoiding endless phone calls, wrong orders, costly returns or the use of multiple company resources to identify a spare part.

IntegralSoft Spare Portal is the spare parts portal, developed by Integral Software Factory, that will improve the relationship with your customers.

With IntegralSoft Spare Portal you will be able to reduce both the time and costs of your spare parts service. This new spare parts portal allows you to:

  • Have the spare parts catalogs always up to date.
  • Quickly identify spare parts, their alternative or private label.
  • Overcome language barriers and time differences.
  • Availability 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
  • Generate immediate purchase orders.

How does it work?
More intuitive, more accessible and more integrated

IntegralSoft Spare Portal is a web portal, accessible from any place and device, that will allow your customers to consult information and their order history in an easy and simple way. Below you can see how quick and simple it is to make a purchase:


Search and identify
the spare part

Search and identify the spare part you need, you can find it through the product catalog, the article code or VIN code, the bill of materials or by browsing the 3D view.


Consult and download
the associated documentation

Consult the information of the spare part you want and/or the related documentation. You can even download the documents you need: 2D drawings, presentations, etc.


Add selected spare parts
to the shopping cart

Add to the shopping cart those spare parts you need, as long as they are available. If they are available for purchase, the shopping cart icon will appear.


Verify that your order is correct

Access the shopping cart and verify that your order has been successfully added to the cart. You will be able to edit or modify your order if necessary.


Fill in the data and launch the order

To complete the order, fill in your personal and/or billing information, your shipping address and the payment method. Remember to double check all the information.


Access your purchase history

Once you have completed your purchase, you will be able to access the purchase history section to keep track of all your orders placed from the spare parts portal.

What does it offer?
IntgeralSoft Spare Portal Benefits

Increase your
revenue per service

Reduction of delivery times.
Improved part identification through the use of 3D renderings.
Provide service to your customers and distributors through an intuitive e-commerce portal.

Improvement of
technical efficiency

Better execution of service tasks and improved parts accuracy.
Optimized machine repair and maintenance times, thanks to the optimized navigation and search capabilities of the spare parts portal.

Unique enterprise

Collect all parts and spare parts on a single platform accessible from anywhere at any time.
Deliver information in different flexible formats for multiple platforms and/or devices.

Why choose IntegralSoft Spare Portal?

The main features of IntegralSoft Spare Portal are the following:

Easy search for spare parts.

Identification of the spare part in 3D.

Updated documentation of the replacement.

Ease of integration with other systems.

E-commerce functionalities.


Multi language.

High availability (24 x 7).

General specifications

  • Non-intrusive: IntegralSoft Spare Portal can be easily integrated into existing customer public portal.
  • Rapid implementation: IntegralSoft Spare Portal is a solution that requires a minimum installation and configuration time.
  • Flexible: IntegralSoft Spare Portal allows different integration alternatives with ERP, CPQ and CRM systems, through the IntegralSoft Connect application for system orchestration.
  • Simple update: Quick and easy update through the software’s own updates.
  • Interoperability:  IntegralSoft Spare Portal covers the main technical issues necessary to interconnect systems and services that are part of your solution, including key aspects such as interconnection services, data integration and middleware, presentation and exchange of data, accessibility and security services .


Check the technical requirements needed to use IntegralSoft Spare Portal

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