Access and visualize your engineering data simply and intelligently with IntegralSoft Viewer

IntegralSoft Viewer is a solution that allows more company stakeholders to access product data that comes from multiple registration systems and to consult, edit or interact with them from a simple, role-based interface

Use your data more efficiently

Currently, product data is one of the most important value for companies, because the decisions made with this information can significantly impact your business, including product reliability and safety, speed in innovation, On-time delivery according to budget, etc.

In order to make good decisions and avoid bad repercussions, it is essential that all the users involved can access the updated product information whenever it is needed it.

IntegralSoft Viewer allows the different stakeholders involved to easily access the data stored in the organization’s business system, without the need for high level of training.

IntegralSoft Viewer allows different users to spend less time searching for data and more time for their main activity.

Reduce time and costs

Most software tools are inaccessible to a large part of an organization’s employees due to high licensing costs, need for intensive training or the time it takes to integrate or customize them.

With IntegralSoft Viewer you can connect all those involved in a project so that they can quickly and easily access the data stored in the business system, always updated.

Your engineering data
always updated and accessible

IntegralSoft Viewer is a solution that allows more company stakeholders to access product data that comes from multiple registration systems and to consult or interact with them from a simple, role-based interface.

With a renewed user experience that is simple to use, IntegralSoft Viewer is ideal for anyone interested in the life cycle of a product and that needs access to the latest and most accurate recent information to drive critical decisions.

In addition, IntegralSoft Viewer cloud integrates directly with enterprise systems while offering a highly intuitive user experience, guaranteeing accuracy, confidence and high fidelity to product data.

What’s New in IntegralSoft Viewer

The main new features of IntegralSoft Viewer are the following:

Accessible to suppliers

The new version of IntegralSoft Viewer allows external personnel, such as customers or suppliers, to access the environment and view, by means of permissions, what is required.

File packages

Currently, in the new version, it is possible to generate and download a .zip file with all the viewables (plans, documents and 3D in different formats) of all the children of a selected main set.

More downloadable

IntegralSoft Viewer 2.2 allows viewing and downloading documents in more formats. Currently, pdf, step, dxf, pvz, etc. formats are supported.

Improved 3D viewer

The quality and performance of the 3D product viewer has been improved, allowing you to see shapes, contours and colors more clearly. Greater realism in the 3D visualization of your products.

Interface redesign

The new version of IntegralSoft Viewer comes loaded with changes in the user interface, with a much more intuitive and attractive design. It also allows customization with your company logo.

Folder display

In addition to viewing documentation, drawings and 3D, the new version of InegralSoft Viewer 2.0 also allows you to browse content through
Windchill folders.

Windchill baseline

IntegralSoft Viewer 2.2 allows you to view the contents of a Windchill baseline.

Why choose IntegralSoft Viewer?

The main benefits of IntegralSoft Viewer are as follows:

Navigate your engineering data simply and intelligently.

Have your 2D and 3D plans centralized on the same platform.

Keep your documentation always up to date.

Award roles and permissions to keep your PLM data safe.

Quickly implement a structural visualization system for your products.

Integrate IntegralSoft Viewer easily with other systems.

General specifications

  • Adaptable: IntegralSoft Viewer has simple controls that limit or extend what can be seen and searched in the selected properties and attributes of the data.
  • Full data access: with IntegralSoft Viewer you can browse the product structure and you can view and download the associated documents: 3D, PDF drawings, other PDF documents.
  • System independent: back-end systems can be updated independently without interrupting user activity with updates, data migrations, substitutions and so on.
  • Secure: with IntegralSoft Viewer the data is limited to the security permissions that the user has been assigned in the registration system, so they will always be safe.

Check the technical requirements needed to use IntegralSoft Viewer

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